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Plus ERP Solution
Complete accounting solution


The application is being designed and developed in such a way that it meets all the general accounting requirements.

The following are few of the core features present in our software.


  • Sales/Purchase Register Account/Delivery/Broker-Salesman-Agent/Item/ Item Group wise in format of normal/matrix/with payments details/due interest calculations.
  • Cash/Bank Registers Account wise/Ref. wise /only receipt/only payments/both with balance.
  • Petty Cash Registers Account wise/Ref. wise in format of register/sheet printing.
  • Journal Voucher and Registers printing.
  • As on Date Trial Balance Sheet /ITR Balance Sheet /P & L A/c. in format of monthly/comparative with previous year.
  • Ledger A/c. & Confirmation A/c. Full/Selected/Group wise in format Debit-Credit/Jama-Udhar/Normal/ODCB.
  • VAT Register in format of various Form No.201/201A/201B/201C/205/CST/Form IIIB etc.
  • TDS Registers, eReturn, Certificate etc.
  • Voucher printing.
  • Bank Reconciliation and Over Due Interest calculation.
  • Flow Reports of Cash/Bank Register.
  • Various Ratio Analysis Reports.

This software offers the most powerful, versatile, flexible and easy-to-use solution for your business needs.

Here are some of the exclusive functions being provided in the software to ease the user who deals in sales :


  • Invoice/Challan/Payment Slip printing with logo, design and customized size stationary.
  • Label/Sticker/Cheque printing facilities.
  • Outstanding Report in format of Broker-Salesman/Party/Group/Area/City wise with inventory details.
  • Outstanding in format of Ageing Reports.
  • Production Analysis and Manufacturing Process.
  • Pre-Sales (Order Booking) and Post Sales Activities.
  • Brokerage calculation statements.
  • QAO & Barcode Facilities.
  • Facilities of Direct E-mail/SMS to clients.
  • Item wise/Item Group wise/ Company wise Sales/Purchases analysis reports with percentage.
  • Item wise/Item Group wise/Company wise valuation of stock in format of Purchases Price/Sales Price/Cost Price.
  • Item Lot wise status Reports.
  • Tracking Reports in format of Item/Item Group/Party/Area/City wise.
  • Stock Flow Reports in format of Item/Item Group/Party/Area/City wise.
  • Inventory Ledger in format of Item/Item Group/Party/Area/City wise.


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