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GST Software :

Goods & Services Tax will impact accounting and invoicing processes across industries for both Chartered Accountants and Businesses. After July 1, businesses and accountants will have to adopt software and ERPs which are capable of managing taxation, invoicing & accounting as per the new tax regime. ePlus ERP being a pioneer in the industry will help you understand the technical aspects of the implementation of Goods and Services Tax, the impact on ERP systems, and what you need to do to be tax compliant in this section.

Invoice :

Invoice is issued on every sale/purchase. The invoice contains Sr. No., details of the product such as product name, description, quantity, etc along with the details of supplier, purchaser, tax charged and other particulars such as discounts, terms of sale etc. Every business is required to furnish a GST invoice as per the new law. You can now generate GST compliant invoices and bill of supply from ePlus ERP

Accounts and Record :

Our guides will help you determine all compliance requirements related to business accounting. Here you will find the list of accounts required to be maintained under Goods & Service Tax. You will also find an article on bookkeeping with the accounting entries required to be passed.

GST Returns :

A return is a document that a taxpayer is required to file as per the law with the tax administrative authorities. Under the Goods & Services Tax law, a normal taxpayer will be required to furnish three returns monthly and one annual return. Similarly, there are separate returns for a taxpayer registered under the composition scheme, taxpayer registered as an Input Service Distributor, a person liable to deduct or collect the tax (TDS/TCS).

Use our expertise to understand how to file various returns under Goods and Services Tax for your business. Say Welcome to a GST-ready accounting software

  • ePlus ERP lets you manage your business finances, keeps you GST compliant, and makes GST filing effortless, all within a single software at no additional cost, Set up your account in no time
  • Enter your GSTIN number, username, and a starting date while setting up your account, and EPlus ERP will automatically compile all the transactions from that date, making tax filing a piece of cake.
  • Collect and record GST on transactions
  • Provide your contact's GSTIN number and assign appropriate tax rates, and EPlus ERP will identify the tax components to be collected and paid.
  • Send GST compliant invoices to customers
  • EPlus ERP Books helps you capture all the necessary details like GSTIN, location of supply, and appropriate HSN/SAC codes in each invoice, as prescribed by the government. You can still customise your invoices to reflect your brand.
  • Calculate Input Tax Credits effortlessly
  • Reconcile your purchases with your vendor's GSTR1 and categorize them as recognized or unrecognized transactions. Approve or reject transactions that do not match your purchases, and see EPlus ERP calculate the input tax credits for you.

How to upload data on SERVER :

  • Once the Monthly Debit & Credit reports are checked and you are prepared to upload the data to the GSTIN Server, select the option in the EXIT Menu to upload the data to GSTIN Server.
  • Input/feed HSN code & Tax Code in Tarif Heading in Item master
  • Each Party Should have GST Code. In case of an NON-GST Registered party, type NONGST in the GST Code field.
  • In Company Master specify the GST Code
  • For each Purchase / Sales Item, check and specify the GST percent and GST amount in the invoice. In footer, automatically the total of the GST Amount will appear in the desired field.
  • For Job / Service bills like Mill process, specify the GST % and amount in the footer.

ePlus ERP is GST-ready Release with capabilities such as :

  • Quick setup of your GST details so that your business can start without any delay
  • Support for all GST transactions for your business
  • Easy detection and correction of errors for hassle-free tax return filing
  • Seamless export of returns to Microsoft Excel so you can upload returns or share them with your CA or tax practitioner

ePlus ERP operates as SESS. Let us elaborate it as :

[S] Smart: Generate smart reports for tracking all your processes, expenditure and savings in a single view
[E] Effective: Calculate State GST and Centre GST with in one ERP System
[S] Simple: Operate Pan India with the new GST regime in a single ERP System
[S] Scalable: A scalable ERP System for all your processes in a single view